Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2017 – Best Salaries & Career Options

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2017

Salaried Jobs and Career Paths in India are most sought after due to the stability and security they provide. Jobs in the IT sector are especially in-demand due to the reputation and high work standards they provide while paying large amounts of money to employees even in the junior levels. Job seekers in India have high salary as the topmost criteria while job hunting due to the demand for expensive and lavish lifestyles that can be supported only by a high-salaried job. While many high paying jobs and careers involve dull, jarring work; most of the elite job roles in large corporations offer large pay-outs since the work involved is of a sensitive nature and may be crucial to the Company. Following are Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2017:

  1. SEO Analyst:

Since most businesses operate completely online these days, the need for a professional SEO Analyst is very real due to the immense competition to rank high on Google. An SEO Analyst is required to effectively manage Social Media presence and must be capable of smart content management to improve online rankings. An SEO Analyst’s salary starts from 30000 rupees per month.

  1. Medical Professionals:

A well-qualified, efficient Medical Professional is always in demand. The amount of time and effort exerted by people working in the medical field entitles them to high salaries. Surgeons, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Gynaecologists, are all in demand and have plenty of opportunities for earning lakhs of rupees per year from dispensing their duties when the need arises.

  1. Chartered Accountant:

Although there is an increase in the number of Chartered Accountants in India and scarcity of jobs, this is still a very reputable profession most requiring mastery over Business and Accountancy. A Chartered Accountant’s salary in India may start at 5 lakh rupees and may go up to 25 lakh rupees per year.

  1. Business Analyst:

A Business Analyst is responsible to help shape a Business’s ideals and decisions and this job role affects the overall growth of the company. As such, Business Analysts are paid a large salary, starting from 5 lakh rupees per year.

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  1. Pilot:

With the increase in commercial and domestic flights in India, Pilots are in high demand but are also required to be skilled at their job. New Pilots may be paid a salary of 12 lakhs per year and this amount increases with experience and depends on the destinations.

  1. Entertainment Professionals:

There is no dearth for opportunities in the Film and Entertainment sector in India. Famous Indian Film personalities are paid high salaries but even other important jobs in Indian Entertainment like VJ, RJ, Anchoring, Art Direction, etc come with attractive salaries that everyone can aspire to bag.

  1. Graphic Artists:

Since companies understand the need to incorporate Art in Business; Graphic Designers, Illustrators and Digital Artists are on the rise, drawing high salaries from Multi-National Corporations. Graphic Artists are not just Artists but are also skilled in computer graphics and web design making them valuable employees.

  1. Technical Writer:

A technical writer is highly valued in large IT firms like Adobe, Oracle, etc. for their ability to translate in-depth technical data into seamless writing that can be understood and grasped by everyone. Technical Writers draw salaries ranging from 5000 rupees t0 1.7 lakhs per month in large corporations.

  1. Management Professionals:

Management graduates from elite institutions with the required skills are paid high salaries. IIT and IIM graduates in India are paid in lakhs compared to their peers from smaller universities. Highly skilled Management Professionals who scale up to top-level managerial levels can draw 5 lakhs and above per year.

  1. University Professors:

Most IT professionals are quitting their stress-filled work lives and opting to teach at Universities for the immense benefits that come with the role. Not only are Professors at top Universities given utmost respect and privileges, they’re also entitled to holidays and paid vacations while being paid up to 3 lakhs per month depending on their qualification and the Institute they teach at.

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Here on this page we have listed Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India but there are many more which we will update in our next article.

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