Top 10 Interview Questions and Best Answers – A Quick Read before Interview

Top 10 Interview Questions and Best Answers

Answering Interview Questions effectively does not involve any specific method. The most successful person at an interview is not one who can memorize answers and spit them out. Interview Questions do not just gauge a candidate’s memory but are also designed to evaluate reasoning and analytical skills most useful for job roles. When it comes to preparing for an Interview, most job seekers make the mistake of rote learning answers and don’t use common sense, thus failing even simple interviews. There are some common job Interview Questions that can be answered in many clever ways to most appeal to the recruiter. Here are 10 important interview questions and best answers to each:

  1. Describe your Professional Experience:

This is a straightforward question and needs a direct answer. Instead of marketing your skills here, directly tell the interviewer about your past job roles, name of the organization you worked at, and the duration. Also, don’t forget to mention the experience you gained at these job roles.

  1. Introduce yourself:

This is a very common question and generally the first one to be asked in any interview. Instead of narrating your personal details like name, date of birth, etc., the best answer to this question should be a combination of a few important details, strengths, aspirations, interests, and qualities that will be best suited to take on the job role.

  1. List your Weaknesses:

This is a trick question that candidates often succumb to. You don’t have to list all your negative qualities in detail here since this will obviously impact your selection. Instead, tell the interviewer those qualities you possess that are also strengths in disguise. For instance, you can say that you’re unable to work when there are distractions; which also translates to you like to stay away from distractions, and thus work efficiently.”

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Candidates tend to think that this question is an opportunity to impress their interviewer by saying that they see themselves in the very same job role after 5 years. But this can make you look naïve. However, its wise not to let recruiters know that you’re not interested to stay for more than a few years in their company. The best answer to this question would be to say that you see yourself in a successful position with developed skill-sets and a wide experience.

  1. Why do you want to work here?

Neither is this a sign for you to go on a company-praising spree nor should you be too frank and say that the salary is what attracted you to the interview. Instead, the best answer to this question is that you want to work for the company’s specific work culture or vision that is in line with your own career goals and aspirations.

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  1. Why did you quit your previous job?

This is another trick question. Companies are looking to identify temperamental candidates who won’t stick long in a single place. The best way to identify this behaviour is to see what made candidates quit past jobs and whether they have a history of moving from one place to another. When faced with this question, don’t go on a ranting spree complaining about your previous employer. Be smart and provide a valid reason as to why you were unable to continue working in your past job.

  1. Can you work under Pressure?

The best answer to this question would be “Yes, I can adapt to various situations depending on the need of the hour. If my work will help in the growth of the company, I can contribute to withstanding pressure as long as my personal career growth is not affected.”

  1. What do you know about us?

The biggest mistake candidates attending interviews at a particular company make is Googling every single detail about the company’s history and regurgitating the memorised information to recruiters. The interviewer already knows all this irrelevant information and does not need to hear it from you. Instead, a smarter answer would be to highlight the goals of the company, any significant achievements that appealed to you or any specific attribute of the company that inspired you to attend the interview.

  1. Who is your Inspiration?

The best way to answer this question is to be completely honest, without being too intimate. You can quote famous personalities, family, and friends, or even an acquaintance.

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  1. Describe a Project you worked on:

Candidates tend to prepare in advance for this question and give fake answers by quoting projects they never worked on. Recruiters can see through your lies and this question is meant to test candidates. The best answer to this question is to describe a project that you genuinely worked on and the contribution that you provided to the project.

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